About Us

On August 2, 1943, Chancellor William Pearson Tolley founded Syracuse University Press. It was his intent that such a venture should enhance the school’s academic standing.

“What was described as ‘a casual train chat’ between Tolley and Thomas Watson led to the founding of an organ of the university to publish its research. Tolley promised to organize a university press to publish IBM’s Precision Measurement in the Metal Working Industry. . . In its first year, Syracuse University Press published the first volume. . . It was followed by a second volume in 1944.”
—From Syracuse University: The Tolley Years, 1942-1969 by John Robert Greene

With more than 1,200 titles in print, the Press consistently earns international critical acclaim and attracts award-winning authors of note. In achievement and in deed we proudly sustain and continue to fulfill Chancellor Tolley’s worthy vision.

Each year Syracuse University Press publishes new and groundbreaking books in specialized areas including New York State, Middle East Studies, Judaica, Geography, Irish Studies, Native American Studies, Religion, Television and Popular Culture.

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