Eye Candy Friday: The “Harmonic Possibilities” of Art

The eighth annual issue of Stone Canoe showcases an intriguing collection of writing and visual arts from 70 contributors with ties to the Upstate New York region. Notable features include 40 pages of visual art, a photo essay on Saudi Arabia by Janice Levy, Bruce Smith’s interview with acclaimed poet Stephen Dunn, and a collection of written work that includes poetry, drama, fiction, creative nonfiction, and provocative essays on topics such as warfare, incarceration, music, and technology. Visit the Stone Canoe website for additional content, along with e-book versions of current and past issues.

Editor Robert Colley describes the eighth issue in the Editor’s Notes:

The classic definition of harmony (from the Greek harmonia) involves the joining together of dissimilar sounds in such a way as to demonstrate their inherent relatedness, thereby inducing a pleasurable reaction in the observer who discovers the connection. . . . In literature or art, heightened exposure to complex harmonic possibilities can involve a more intimate relationship with various kinds of unhappiness or injustice, but in the long run these encounters can provide a deeper satisfaction, one that accompanies a new awareness of how things ‘fit together’ in the world.

In honor of the recent release of Stone Canoe 8, we’ve compiled some of our favorite artwork from the journal.


“Wishing Clint Eastwood” by Vykky Ebner (journal cover)


“Warlord” by Megan Biddle (winner of the 2014 Hedy and Michael Fawcett Prize for Visual Arts)

train in taos

“She Got on a Train in Taos” by Ron Throop

health of planet

“Health of the Planet #504” by Steve Miller

violence and disbelief

“Violence and Disbelief” by Paul Weiner


“A Star in Waiting for its Gleam” by Walter Kopec

pathways for wandering ii

“Pathways for Wandering II” (detail) by Werner Sun


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