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A Word with Work Study Student Molly Estes

MollyWhen I tell people that I work at the Syracuse University Press office, they usually assume that I work for a newspaper or something along those lines.  However, I have found that book publishing is far more exacting, and interesting, than many people realize.

During my first year at Syracuse University, I have been unsure of where I want to take my studies.  As a major in Communications and Rhetorical Studies, there is a broad spectrum of fields which I can narrow down.  I have found working at the SU Press office rewarding and even enlightening to my future.  Having put much consideration into pursuing a double major with Modern Languages, I have found interest in the translated texts that the SU Press has published.

While working with the Author Spotlight blog feature, I was fortunate enough to hear a firsthand account of what the translation process is like.  Though I do not think book translation is the particular path I want to follow, I was reminded of the wide variety of opportunities that Modern Languages could offer.  In fact, I was induced to research translation jobs at places such as hospitals, accounting firms, etc.  This has made me very excited for my future years at Syracuse and I appreciate the opportunities of learning and enrichment that I’ve found at SU Press.

Congratulations to the Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize Winner, Roger Allen!

muslim-suicide-Syracuse University Press is proud to announce Roger Allen as winner of the 2012 Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for his notable translation of A Muslim Suicide by Bensalem Himmich.  The Banipal Prize is an annual award honoring the top English translation(s) of a full-length Arabic work of literary merit.  Judging both the Arabic original and the English translation, the 4 panel members are of knowledgeable background as poets, authors, broadcasters, and translators. They described the winning translation as “A highly challenging, yet deeply enriching read… a major achievement.”

SU Press Director Alice Pfeiffer also feels strongly about the decision stating, “Syracuse University Press is delighted and gratified to see Roger Allen receive this prestigious award.  The Prize will bring well-deserved attention to Bensalem Himmich’s remarkable novel.”

The award ceremony for the translation prizes will be held Monday, February 4that King’s Place in London with readings and lectures by the prize winners.  Tuesday, February 5th, Roger Allen will host a masterclass on Arabic literary translation and a conversation with the author of A Muslim Suicide Bensalem Himmich, followed by a reception.

To attend the Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize Award Ceremony, please apply to King’s Place for a press pass.  For more information, email the Trust’s administrator Margaret Obank at