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Books to Get You in That Spooky Spirit!

We know that you’re surprised, what kind of chilling tales has SUP been hiding? If you dare, pick up one of our suggestions of the strange and paranormal. Here are a few books to get you in the spirit of Halloween, show your friends that you know the meaning of spooky!


You know the story of Dracula, but what about the vampire who inspired that blood-sucking fiend? Do you dare take on Carmila on All Hallows Eve? This classic gothic tale will have your spine tingling, and maybe even sporting a fashionable, yet protective scarf come the 31st.

under devils spell

Not interested in vampires? What about witches? Delve into the tales of witchcraft and sorcery in Renaissance Italy. Let the magic of Under the Devil’s Spell take over your mind!


Does Halloween fall on a full moon this year? The Literary Werewolf provides a little truth to the tale, these 22 stories ranging from Stephen King to Brian Stableford, will have you questioning what you know!


Vampires, wolves, and witches aren’t your thing? How about ghosts? Dive into the classic, Anna in the Afterlife, and find more than a tale of things that go bump in the night. Take a journey with Anna as she watches loved ones move on after her death, and looks back on her life with a refreshing new view.

Top Ten Adventure Books to Read for Fall: Part I

For the chilly fall days when we long for the grandeur and exhilaration of exotic adventures but are unable to part from our daily routines at home, we’ve put together a list of our top ten favorite adventure books. In part one of the list, the adventurous SU Press authors will take you through a natural history of upstate New York, beyond the ornate island countries of Asia and to two unique learning settings, including the balmy city of Baghdad and a giant vessel passing through the world’s oceans.

Although we can’t guarantee you a one-way ticket around the world, these five books will provide you with enough excitement to satisfy your wanderlust until Part II of our list is released.


10) The Emperor Tea Garden by Nazli Eray

Through the lens of one of Turkey’s most celebrated writers, this story transcends traditional boundaries of time and place, propelling the reader on a philosophical odyssey to an imaginary realm filled with original lessons on friendship, love and life.


9) Living in Romantic Baghdad: An American Memoir of Teaching and Travel in Iraq, 1924–1947 by Ida Donges Staudt

Staudt’s memoir provides a unique account of life in Iraq during the first half of the twentieth century. Weaving together cultural history, detailed characterization and enticing travel narrative, this book will leave you with a widened appreciation for the country.


8) A Journey into Mohawk and Oneida Country, 1634-1635: The Journal of Harmen Meyndertsz van den Bogaert Translated and Edited by Charles T. Gehring and William A. Starna                         

This journal of an explorer from the Dutch West India Company provides some of the first details of New York State’s landscape. The reader is sent on a historical journey through the life and language of the Mohawk and Oneida settlements in the seventeenth-century.


7) Walking Seasonal Roads by Mary A. Hood

Combining the primary elements of a nature narrative and an environmental call-to-action, this meditative book details an intimate walk along the back roads of the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, reminding people of the intimate and important connection between people and their surroundings.


6)  Innocents Abroad Too: Journeys Around the World on Semester at Sea by Michael Pearson

Pearson documents his maritime journeys as a professor for Semester at Sea, filled with worldly descriptions of the exotic people, places and books that have inspired travel and exploration throughout literary history.