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What Book Would You Give Your Mother?

Here are the results from our SU Press Staff Survey on book suggestions for Mother’s Day!  We shared our ideas, now we want to hear from you!

Book Reason
The Photographed Cat
Picturing Close Human-Feline Ties, 1900–1940

Arnold Arluke and Lauren Rolfe


She loves my cat
Improbable Women
Five Who Explored the Middle East

William Woods Cotterman


We’re both on a journey and can see ourselves in one of these women
Sheva’s Promise
Chronicle of Escape from a Nazi Ghetto

Sylvia Lederman


Female strength
Beyond Home Plate
Jackie Robinson on Life after Baseball

Edited by Michael G. Long


It’s hot right now!
Selections from The Art of Party-Crashing
in Medieval Iraq

al-Khatib al-Baghdadi
Translated from the Arabic and illustrated by Emily Selove


It’s funny and she would find it so too
Different Kinds of Love
Leland Bardwell


Looks funny and interesting
Walking Seasonal Roads
Mary A. Hood
It will make her travel or at least consider it more!