Symposium on Syria


International Relations major Talya Sever asks the panel a question. Image courtesy of SU News.

On October 6, the Newhouse Center for Global Engagement hosted a daylong symposium, entitled “Running for Cover: Politics, Justice and Media in the Syrian Conflict,” focused on accountability in the Syrian conflict. The event consisted of five panels–the Geopolitical Situation in Syria, Accountability for Atrocity, the Media’s Role, Social Media in Reporting War, and the Next Steps­­­­­­­­–each led by professors, journalists, and Amnesty International representatives, among others. Participants in the event discussed the international community’s reaction to the Syrian conflict, the challenges of reporting on the war, solutions for victims and refugees, and ultimately how the disputes in Syria could affect the responses to future conflicts.

“Our aim is to critique the failures of the international response to the Syrian conflict and introduce ways in which we can collectively achieve positive change.” –Ken Harper, director of the Newhouse Center for Global Engagement

The symposium allowed people of all disciplines, backgrounds, and levels of expertise to come together to address the multiple issues surrounding the Syrian conflict. Chancellor Kent Syverud, along with students, facility, public officials, and members of the community, attended the event. Individuals from around the globe also had the ability to anonymously participate in the dialogue through social media. Using #SUSyria, people could follow along and engage with the conversation on Twitter and Periscope.

Syracuse University Press has a long history of publishing books about the Middle East, and specifically on Syria. Our recently published two volume series looks at Syria in the pre-conflict era during the first decade of al-Assad’s rule.

Syria from Reform to Revolt Volume 1: Political Economy and International Relations edited by Raymond Hinnebusch and Tina Zintl

Syria from Reform to Revolt Volume 2: Culture, Society, and Religion edited by Christa Salamandra and Leif Stenberg

syria-from-reform  syria-reform


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