A Taste of Upstate New York

On Friday and Saturday, June 3 and 4, Taste of Syracuse will take place in and around Clinton Square in downtown Syracuse, NY. This year’s 20th anniversary celebration includes $1 samples from some great restaurants in Syracuse as well as music and entertainment. With a tagline like “Eat your heart out!” and the buzz surrounding the event so far, it’s clear that people are excited about all the food Syracuse has to offer. But what about the rest of Upstate New York?

If you’re a local, you probably know the salt potato got its start in Syracuse, but did you know the chicken wing was born in Buffalo? Or that the potato chip originated in the kitchen of a glitzy Saratoga Springs hotel? Upstate New York is actually the birthplace of many of America’s favorite foods. In his recent book A Taste of Upstate New York, Chuck D’Imperio travels across the region to discover the stories and people behind 40 iconic foods of Upstate New York.

View included photographs, a map, and create your own cultural and historic food tour by purchasing a copy here.

a taste of upstate cover.

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