Chiara and The Photographed Cat

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Chiara Vantaggiato was featured in SU News for the exciting internship she completed this past summer. Instead of working in a corporate office like many of our students she worked with jungle cats at Big Cat Rescue, a nonprofit organization that provides sanctuary for abandoned and abused cats. A biology major at our very own Syracuse University, Chiara prepared meals, fed the smaller cats and helped improve their habitats. She wishes to pursue her passion for big cats by eventually getting a degree in veterinary medicine.

After enjoying this adorable video of the Big Rescue cats playing with paint, we hope you’ll be inspired to take a look at SU Press’s book The Photographed Cat which features over 130 cat illustrations!

Featured image

Arnold Arluke and Lauren Rolfe have created an archive and an analytical exploration of the close relationships between Americans and their cats during a period that is significant for photography and for modern understandings of animals as pets. Entertaining, smart, and filled with a collector’s trove of wonderful images, The Photographed Cat pays homage to the surprising range of relationships we have with cats and offers thoughtful consideration of the ways in which we represent them. Whether as surrogate children, mascots, or companions to women, cats are part of modern American life and visual culture.


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