Summer Road Trip Series with Chuck D’Imperio

One hot spot for great food discoveries is the Utica/Rome metropolitan area in Central New York.  I could have given this area their very own chapter in my book A Taste of Upstate New York.  A couple of specialties did make their way into the book, however.  utica
Pusties at the Florentine Pastry Shop are little homemade pies (or tarts) just right for the lunch box or for snacking.  They sell tens of dozens every day, and they come in several flavors (my favorite is the lemon).  They have been making them here at Florentine for nearly a century and they still use the same equipment as they did when they opened their doors in 1928.  They are located at 667 Bleecker Street.  Simply put, you will be hard pressed to find a better Italian pastry shop anywhere.  Head a few miles out of Utica and you are in the heart of Rome.  Here you will find Teddy’s, purveyor of the best plate of chicken riggies I have ever had.  In fact, Teddy’s has won the trophy at the annual Riggiefest so many times, the trophy has been retired and you can see it on the mantel at this restaurant located at 851 Black River Boulevard.  There are many other food delights in this Twin City locale, from Utica Greens to tomato pie to Utica hats and more.  Here’s an idea….try them all!

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