Summer Road Trip Series with Chuck D’Imperio

I had the very lucky opportunity to spend the last year and a half driving around Upstate New York seeking out the food treasures in that region.  You can read the full story of my journey in my new book A TASTE OF UPSTATE NEW YORK.  All summer I will be “taste teasing” you with a few tidbits from the book.  Today, lets find out about potato chips!
 taste of upstate
Potato chips were invented by an Indian chef in a ritzy hotel in Saratoga Springs back in 1853.  The chef, George Crum, was trying mightily to satisfy a particularly finicky (and well-heeled) patron at the exclusive Moon’s Lake House inn.  Many say that the customer was none other than millionaire Cornelius Vanderbilt himself.  With each unsatisfactorily sliced order of fried potatoes that got sent back to the kitchen, Chef Crum retaliated by slicing them even thinner than before.  Eventually, as a last ditch effort, Crum shaved the potato paper thin, dropped them in a fryer salted them and sent them out.  Lo and behold Vanderbilt (or whomever the mystery diner was) was delighted with them and a snack legend was born.
There are still places in Saratoga Springs where you can get potato chips that are made just like Chef Crum made them.  
Saratoga….home of the oldest sporting venue in America (Saratoga Race Course), the Museum of Dance and (drum roll, please) the mighty potato chip!
Be sure to check back soon because Chuck will be posting new information about all the hidden food treasures of upstate New York! Also, if you just can’t get enough of A Taste of Upstate New York, check out its Facebook page!

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