Happy Jackie Robinson Day!

April 15th is recognized as a special day in Major League Baseball and American history. On this day in 1947, Jackie Robinson crossed Baseball’s color barrier by becoming the first African-American to join a major league baseball team, the (then) Brooklyn Dodgers. Today, the industry celebrates Robinson on his debut day by hosting commemorative games across the nation known as Civil Rights Games and resurrecting his retired 42 jersey (only during Civil Rights Games are professional athletes allowed to wear his number).

Beyond Home Plate Jackie Robinson on Life after BaseballAlso in remembrance of this hero, activist, and great talent to baseball, we at SU Press take this day to share our titles that revere all of Robinson’s accomplishments. Among them is Beyond Home Plate: Jackie Robinson on Life after Baseball edited by Michael J. Long. This documentary is an eye-opening read that explores aspects of Robinson’s pre and post career that leave reviewers proclaiming what they “thought was impossible”: “a new way to think about Jackie Robinson” (Los Angeles Times). On April 15th especially, Beyond Home Plate holds an even more meaningful place in our hearts; for we can see the depths of Robinson’s contribution to racial equality on and off the field.

Similar books from us include Black Baseball Entrepreneurs: The Negro National and Eastern Colored Leagues and Black Baseball Entrepreneurs, 1890-1901: Operating by Any Means Necessary, both by Michael E. Lomax.

We encourage everyone to get to know one of our nation’s most influential athletes and activists not only on this day, but throughout the year. These books are a great way to start!

Enjoy and happy (belated) Jackie Robinson Day!
-SU Press


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