National Poetry Month is Here

April is an exciting time in the literary world. In these 30 days, poetry is given center stage in the hearts and minds of poets and readers across the globe. We, at SU Press also bring poetry to the forefront by featuring inspirational selections from our favorite collections. In 2015, we celebrate National Poetry Month by highlighting the work of 2011 Nobel Prize winner Tomas Tranströmer. His Inspired Notes captures facets of life that are mysterious yet familiar, possessing the same timelessness that has allowed his work to be nominated for this prestigious award for 18 consecutive years. Tranströmer , in his subtle intensity, transforms the common meanderings of life into complex experiences that beg our attention and awareness.Inspired Notes

A Woman’s Portrait, 19th Century

The voice is smothered in her clothing. Her eyes

Follow the gladiator. Then she herself

Stands on the arena. Is she free? A gilt frame

Constricts the picture.

Medieval Motif

Beneath our enchanting play of features waits

Always and ever the skull, the pokerface.

While the sun rolls slowly on across the sky.

The chess game proceeds.

A hairdresser’s clippers sound from the thicket.

And slowly the sun rolls on across the sky.

The game of chess comes to a halt, it’s drawn. In

The rainbow’s silence.

Collected PoemsDuring this month, we would also like to acknowledge the work of early 20th century, Irish poet Francis Harvey. Collected Poems is a beautifully written anthology, showcasing the best of the poet’s scenic lyricism. Much like the work of Tranströmer, we gain new insights of the simplicities of life, seeing within and outside Harvey’s personal and environmental experiences. Needless to say, the read is worthwhile.


Consider the unblinking perfection

Of this utterly pitiless eye.

An eye being an eye to the heart of stone.

Consider an eye that has never shed a tear

For being what it is and for what others are.

Consider a piece of matter ground out of a glacier.Consider the eye of this falcon and the world as it is

And the eye of God flinching at the peephole of a star.

Enjoy, Happy Poetry Month!

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