Books for SU Graduates!

It’s finally May and graduation is just around the corner! SU Press offers a number of titles that would benefit the graduating senior. Below is a list of books with brief descriptions that will be interesting and useful to students getting ready to leave the university and move on to bigger things.

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Unknown Museums of Upstate New York Chuck D’Imperio
As the title implies, this book is a descriptive overview of fifty lesser-known museums in upstate New York that are definitely worth visiting. A perfect way to better understand the rich culture and history from this state and surrounding areas, this read will spark interest to any graduating seniors or graduate students who will be living in New York after graduation.

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Syracuse University: An Architectural Guide
Jeffrey Gorney
A perfect book for the graduating architecture student, Jeffrey Gorney offers an informative guide to the architectural background of Syracuse University Campus. Ranging from the people involved, the policy choices, false starts, etc., students can learn from the trial and error of how this beautiful campus was formed. Learning about the construction of a place so familiar will be a great way for students to apply what they’ve learned to future projects in the work field.

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University Teaching: A Reference for Graduate Students and Faculty, Second Edition Stacey Lane Tice, Nicholas Jackson, Leo Lambert, and Peter Englot
Any seniors planning to continue with graduate school? This book focuses on essays from a summer internship program that trains new teaching assistants that are selected each year. Students planning to pursue a post-graduate degree can get an idea of what such programs will entail and receive preparation for the greater responsibilities they will undertake.

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Collaborative Futures: Critical Reflections on Publicly Active Graduate EducationAmanda Gilvin, Georgia M. Roberts, and Craig Martin:
Another great read for the potential graduate student! This books aims to legitimize publicly engaged scholarship within the academic world. It wants to recognize the essential need to look at ways for graduate students to follow careers that are expanded outside the academic setting. The content provides inspiration, resources and strategy that can be used for graduate students as they take their next step in education.

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Get Off Your Knees: A Story of Faith, Courage, and DeterminationJohn Robinson and Dave Allen
Any graduating seniors looking for inspiration? John Robinson shares his experience of entering the job market after graduating from S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. This Newhouse alumnus found success, but not without much hard work and many obstacles including his physical disability and the way it affected his relationships. This powerful book shows Robinson’s honest view on facing disability while still keeping up with the chaos of life. Graduates who open up this book can learn from the attitude and experiences of Robinson and apply it to their way of approaching the big changes that are soon to come.

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Starting Your Television Writing Career: The Warner Bros. Television Writers Workshop GuideAbby Finer and Deborah Pearlman
For graduates interested in film-writing this book was made for you! Deborah Pearlman and Abby Finer from the Warner Bros. Television Writers Workshop provide a guide with insider tips and tricks to help improve the scripts of new writers. This could help with a dissertation and even prepare for upcoming jobs in this area. Readers will receive expert advice, up-to-date industry information, and strategies toward a successful writing career.

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Slices of Orange: A Collection of Memorable Games and Performers in Syracuse University Sports HistorySal Maiorana and Scott Pitoniak
Graduating sports fans will enjoy opening up this account of the great tradition of Syracuse University sports. This book is a perfect asset for graduates to keep record of some of the best moments in SU sports history. Every alumnus from Syracuse University ought to have this book on their nightstand to flip through the pages and soak up that Syracuse pride.



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