Poetry Preview!

As its nearing the end of April, and it’s hopefully finished snowing for us in Upstate New York, we wanted to give a small preview of our forthcoming title And the Time Is: Poems, 1958-2013 by Samuel Hazo.

Below are two poems that can be found in Hazo’s upcoming collection, be sure to keep an eye out for its release!


He runs ahead to ford a flood of leaves—

he suddenly a forager and I

the lagging child content to stay behind

and watch the gold upheavals at the curb

submerge his surging ankles and subside.

A word could leash him back or make him turn

and ask me with his eyes if he should stop.

One word, and he would be a son again

and I a father sentenced to correct

a boy’s caprice to shuffle in the drifts.

Ignoring fatherhood, I look away

and let him roam in his Octobering

to mint the memory of those few falls

when a boy can wade the quite avenues

alone, and the sound of leaves solves everything.


The bigger the tomb, the smaller the man.

The weaker the case, the thicker the brief.

The deeper the pain, the older the wound.

The graver the loss, the dryer the tears.


The truer the shot, the slower the aim.

The quicker the kiss, the sweeter the taste.

The viler the crime, the vaguer the guilt.

The louder the price, the cheaper the ring.

The higher the climb, the sheerer the slide.

The steeper the odds, the shrewder the bet.

The rarer the chance, the brasher the risk.

The colder the snow, the greener the spring.

   The braver the bull, the wiser the cape.

                                    The shorter the joke, the surer the laugh.

The sadder the tale, the dearer the joy.

   The longer the life, the briefer the years.




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