Dads Love Books!

At least ours do. If yours does too we have a few suggestions.

Anything for a T-Shirt: Fred Lebow and the New York City Marathon, the World’s Greatest Footrace by Ron Rubin.

“This book combines my dad’s favorite activities: running and reading. Perfect!”
—Deanna McCay, editor

Big Moose Lake in the Adirondacks: The Story of the Lake, the Land, and the People

“When I was 7 years old my dad took the family on a hiking trip to Big Moose. I was sure then that I would move there and live a life of adventure on the land. While that dream didn’t necessarily come true, this book is a great reminder of a happy memory. It’s also an opportunity for my dad to learn about the trials and triumphs of a group of souls who were hardy and brave enough to make their own adventures in the beautiful Adirondacks.”
—Jennika Baines, editor

“I recommend Dave Dyer’s Steel’s: A Forgotten Stock Market Scandal as a perfect Father’s Day gift this year. It’s an engaging and readable history of the quick rise and collapse of a national chain store, started in boom-town era Buffalo. Steel’s founder pioneered many of the employment and marketing strategies that drive retail success today, but greed and grandiosity led to a rapid and scandalous demise. It has everything: drama, intrigue, human interest, and its lessons are remarkably relevant in today’s charged economic climate. A great read for dad!”
—Suzanne Guiod, edisteels-240tor-in-chiefbig-moose-lake-adirondacks160t-shirt-150

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