Lake Effect Wins ASLI’s Choice 2012 History Award- Honorable Mention

lake effectMark Monmonier’s Fall 2012 title Lake Effect: Tales of Large Lakes, Arctic Winds, and Recurrent Snows has received a great amount of positive attention upon publication this September.  The most recent, and highly honorable award, was presented on behalf of the Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI) for the book’s strong examination of lake-effect snow and its prominent connection to the history of the Great Lakes region.  Congratulations to Mark Monmonier for the ASLI’s Choice 2012 History Award- Honorable Mention!

The ASLI’s Choice is an annual award to honor the best book of the year in the fields of meteorology, climatology, and atmospheric sciences.  Nominated books from each year are judged by a committee chair on uniqueness, comprehensiveness, usefulness, quality, authoritativeness, organization, illustrations/diagrams, competition, and references.

The winners are posted to the ASLI listserv and to the ASLI website after the announcement at the annual AMS conference, January 9, 2013.  More information on the award can be found at the ASLI website.


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