SU Press Author Recognized for Fiction Novel

Ainé Greaney’s Irish novel, Dance Lessons, made the shortlist for the 2012 International Rubery Book Awards. The Short Story Judge, Claire Morrell, is experienced in the subject with five successful novels, among other noteworthy achievements. The International Rubery Award is held annually to reward, primarily, independent and self-publishers for their quality work.

Dance Lessons, published by Syracuse University Press in 2011, is an Irish fiction novel that takes you on an emotional journey filled with feelings of loss, regret, and transformation. Publishers Weekly states, “Greaney’s second novel (after The Big House) depicts grief with trust in the reader’s empathy. The author is able to capture emotional nuance with minimal flourish; her characters emerge as strong individuals confronting unexpected pain.” Ainé Greaney has written several award-winning short stories and numerous feature articles for the Irish Independent, the Irish Voice, Creative Nonfiction, and the Literary Review.

Greaney’s shortlisted novel will be featured in the Rubery Book Awards’ first anthology, The Tipping Point, containing a collection of the winning and shortlisted short stories. It will be available for purchase on the International Rubery Book Award website.


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