Iroquois History Remembered through Herbert H. Lehman Prize Winner, Seven Generations of Iroquois Leadership

Laurence M. Hauptman’s book, Seven Generations of Iroquois Leadership, is an epic study of North American history that captures the significance and shaping of the Six Nations. Tracing back 200 years, it focuses on the commitment of heroic Iroquois leaders in overcoming past to present day historical struggles. Not only does Hauptman’s book highlight the importance of these leaders, but it also studies the key role feminine leaders play in Iroquois survival.

One of the many positive reviews, by author Carl Benn, states, “With his usual scholarship, clarity, and passion, Laurence Hauptman has made another important contribution to understanding the Iroquois world, in this case through a fascinating exploration of the men and women who provided leadership in addressing the challenges faced by the Six Nations over the last two centuries.” This book is a powerful, educational read for students of many ages as it portrays momentous Iroquois learning, while also touching on important life values.

It goes without surprise that this esteemed title is recognized for its distinguished scholarship as the winner of the 2012 Herbert H. Lehman Prize. The prize, named in honor of Governor Herbert H. Lehman, is part of the New York Academy of History’s mission to promote and honor outstanding historical research and writing. Seven Generations of Iroquois Leadership will not only be a commemoration of Iroquois History, but will continue to further encourage the appreciation and study of History throughout New York.

The Herbert H. Lehman Prize will be awarded to Laurence M. Hauptman on April 12th at the Century Association in New York.


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